Unique Venues to Host Corporate Events in Cape Town – see our carefully curated list below! If you are planning your end of year function or any other corporate events in Cape Town for that matter, then now is the time for you to be reading this blog!
We have a passion for coordinating high-end luxury corporate events and end of year functions. There is an element of style, elegance and quality that needs to come to the table (quite literally sometimes!) when it comes to organising events. To clarify, this is why we believe a great venue can make all the difference.
We will share some of our favourite unique venues to host corporate events in Cape Town.


1. Rooftop Bar

Found in the heart of Cape Town, the Gorgeous George hotel is created beautifully out of two restored heritage buildings. Gigi’s rooftop restaurant and bar is located on the sixth floor. This hidden gem has luxurious leather couches and dark wood furnishings, creating an opulent ambiance in this space. Certainly, it is the perfect spot for a year end function!
The Gorgeous George also has a conference room, The White Room, where meetings and formalities can take place, before heading up to Gigi’s for a memorable event.

Rooftop Bar


2. Yacht

The Mirage is one of our favourite yachts for events. Above all, hiring a yacht is a great way to show your guests a fun time with good music, food and an all-round amazing experience. That is to say, this leaves guests dazzled with a high-end, lavish atmosphere of ultimate luxury.

Situated at The Waterfront, the Mirage will sail out the harbour to Granger Bay, where it will be anchored and the event can commence. Trade in the hotel ballrooms and treat your team or clients to a one of a kind affair.



3. Art Museum

The Zeitz Mocaa Museum is the largest art museum in South Africa and the largest museum showcasing African artist’s contemporary art.
Created from the old grain Silos, the unique shape of the building and grand structure, is definitely a must see in Cape Town!
The event space, OCULAR is located on the sixth floor of this magnificent building. In addition, the dome-shaped windows and modern industrial design create a grandiosity, making it the perfect place to host a high-end corporate function.
In addition, with its eccentric interior design and artwork, minimal decor is needed in this space. The structure and furniture speaks for itself.
Designing and managing the perfect events is our absolute passion in life, and the reason we climb out of our beds in the morning. At Nearest & Dearest, you will be in professional and creative hands. Get in touch with us today to make sure that your dream events come to life!

Art Museum

4. Art Gallery

The famous Norval Foundation is situated in the heart of the Steenberg wine region and with various options for spaces to hire, it is a great option for a corporate event.
They have the Skotnes Restaurant and Bar, with sleek, modern furniture which overlooks the wetland and serene sculpture garden. In addition, their catering is highly recommended and with restaurant style seating, the furniture can be arranged to suit a corporate sit down dinner.
With high-rise ceilings, a festive corporate cocktail party, The Atrium is the space to hire at this venue. With incredible views of the sculpture garden and surrounding vineyards this space can turn into an unforgettable spot.
There are nine different state of the art galleries that can be customised to suit your event. Therefore, they can be transformed to suit any event; from cocktail parties and sit down dinners to conferences and other corporate functions.
The library is another space that can be utilised for a corporate function. In addition, the quiet and peaceful space can be a suitable boardroom or casual conference setting.
The Sculpture Garden is a distinctively unique setting for a corporate event. Outdoor in the open air, amongst the fynbos and fresh running water, this is a particularly unforgettable event space. In other words, this is the perfect venue for the ultimate outdoor cocktail party.

Art Gallery


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