We are aware some of you have asked yourselves the question, ‘what does a wedding planner actually do?’. In this blog post, we have given a detailed breakdown of the jobs we cover as a wedding planner!

A planner makes every aspect of arranging your special day so much easier. From being on the frontline with dealing with suppliers, to making sure that every little detail is considered to ensuring that your special day runs smoothly and without a hiccup. 

Who needs a wedding planner?

  • Detail-orientated clients: whether you or your partner are a perfectionist, a planner will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that every fine detail is taken care of.
  • Clients with a tight budget: we are here to guide you with uncertainty on where to cut costs and what to allocate money towards.
  • Clients who struggle with decision making: we understand the options are endless when it comes to choosing vendors or even just having a clear idea of the direction you would like your special day to head in, we are there to help our brides with making concise and practical decisions. 
  • Full Time working clients 
  • Clients who want to relax on their wedding day

What exactly is a wedding planner’s role?

  • Consulting with the client on how they envision their dream day
  • Managing a client’s budget and searching for ways they can save
  • Creating concept proposals and mood boards for decor and style ideas
  • Sourcing and booking vendors
  • Communicating with all vendors involved so that you don’t have to
  • Ensuring a stress-free planning process and ease of mind that your big day will run smoothly!

Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t necessarily a luxury expense, as they can actually help save you money. Wedding planners are able to help you budget with their knowledge of all the inside information and current specials. Sometimes they even have access to discounts because of well-established relationships with suppliers.

We do understand that some couples would prefer to do all the planning themselves and this is where our biggest piece of advice is to hire an on-the-day coordinator. Not entirely sure what this means? An on-the-day coordinator is there from setup early in the morning until the opening of the dancefloor. They make sure that all the loose ends are tied up, all the setup is done in time, and that the day runs according to schedule. We are there to ensure that if any fires arise on the day, we blow them out and that everything runs smoothly. 

To conclude, our role is to help with designing, planning, and managing your special day in a personal way. We are your right-hand man and here to ensure that you get to enjoy every minute of your once-in-a-lifetime day!

We hope this has helped you in making an informed and easy decision on why you need a wedding planner. Contact us at info@nearestanddearestevents.co.za to book a consultation and start with your planning journey.