Have a look at our blog post to help you when choosing a wedding theme or style!

One of the best ways to personalize your big day is to choose a wedding theme or style unique to you. Whether you have been adding to your Pinterest board for years or you’re overwhelmed with where to start, our expert advice is here to guide you.

The big question- do you really need a wedding theme or style?

Choosing a theme or style or even both makes the planning process significantly easier. It helps create cohesiveness with regards to design, informs your budget, sets the tone for the type of experience your guests will have and lastly it guides to subsequent planning decisions. An example of this is colours, decor, and entertainment. 

A simple way to define your wedding theme is to decide what story you want to tell. From the moment guests receive the invitation to the last element they experience, the story should be continuous.  

Theme vs Style

Although the two words are often used interchangeably, they represent two distinct aspects of a wedding. Style directly links to the aesthetics- the overall look and feel of the wedding. The theme relates to a specific subject that contributes to the design of the wedding. Being clear about whether you are following a style or theme will help the decision-making process and keep your planning on track. 


Examples of Wedding Themes & Styles


These weddings are all about celebrating love. Shades of blush, ivory, and pastels alongside lots of fresh flowers and soft lighting. The atmosphere of your big day should represent feelings of warmth and fuzziness. 


Think antique items such as chandeliers, candelabras, mirrors frames, and art deco style furniture. Whether you’d like your wedding to reflect the elegant Victorian age or the retro ‘70s, a vintage theme wedding can take your guests back in time. 


Natural textures like wood and stone, organic paper products and fresh food are the staples of this wedding style. The colour pallette is typically neutral earthy tones. The overall aesthetic of this type of wedding is often inspired by farm-to-table.


Often all things glam, extravagant and lavish inspire luxurious weddings. This style often includes a few jaw-dropping details that end up all over Instagram, such as a flower wall or entertaining food stations.


Think mismatched bridesmaid dresses, whispy and wild dried florals, a naked cake and a cozy lounge area. Boho weddings typically have a way of looking incredibly trendy with minimal effort, the “I woke up like this” style. The decor is usually humble, yet eye-catching with a natural colour palette of sunset hues and neutrals. Usually casual, comfortable, and playful, yet still sophisticated. 

Following a wedding style takes careful planning and organization, which is why it’s necessary to lean on your wedding planner – to keep your style cohesive across all elements. 

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