Have a look at our carefully curated list of our Top 10 Sustainable Confetti Alternatives.


Wedding Confetti in Envelopes


Traditionally, the confetti ceremony is how wedding guests celebrate the first moment of the bridal couple. The newlyweds are thought to be blessed with a lifetime of luck and happiness as the handfuls of confetti are tossed over them.
It’s a beautiful sentiment but a pain to clean up and is even worse for the environment. 

Luckily, the wedding industry is seeing a dramatic shift away from artificial confetti. Gone are the days where rice or mini streamers were your only options. Therefore, we realise that choosing an eco-friendly option can be easier said than done. 

To make it a bit easier we’ve rounded up the best alternatives that are unique, sustainable and aesthetic. 


1. Fresh or Dried Floral 

This is a popular alternative that is guaranteed to add a romantic effect to any photo. Simply ask your florist to arrange it or take it into your own hands and do a DIY project with your bridesmaids. Pro-tip if you’re making dried florals yourself, start a few months before the big day and store it in the freezer. 


2. Blowing Bubbles

Get each guest to blow bubbles as you walk into the next chapter of your life. Most certainly, this is a quirky and interactive option that is guaranteed to create child-like joy on every face. Perfect for the photos! 


3. Variety of Bird Seeds

An inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative that will look absolutely stunning. Fortunately, it’s safe to be consumed by wildlife so no need to worry about cleaning up afterwards. Just mind your eyes, we’ve heard this one is a bit hardy on the skin. 


4. Dried Leaves 

Use whole, dried leaves to create a rustic, bohemian look. If you’re looking for something slightly more fresh – use a punch to create shapes of your choice. For example, hearts or circles are always popular. Both options are lightweight and will elegantly fall as you exit as ‘Mr and Mrs’. 


5. Ribbon Wands

Give each guest a ribbon wand to wave around. Most certainly, this interactive option will add a unique and fun element to your wedding festivities. Take it a step further and match the ribbon colours to your wedding theme. 


6. Herbs

Who doesn’t like the smell of lavender or rosemary? Replace your conventional flower petals with these natural herbs. Most certainly, will this add a subtle pop of colour and infuse the ceremony area with an intoxicating scent. 


7. Smoke Bombs

Give each guest a smoke bomb to hold up as you walk down the aisle. 

It is a fun way to introduce a burst of colour and is fantastic entertainment for the guests. It’s guaranteed to start the wedding off with a bang! 


8. Biodegradable Confetti

If you’re looking for something more traditional, there is a wide range of biodegradable confetti options on the market. In conclusion, from paper confetti to eco-friendly glitter there are a multitude of options to match your needs. 


9. Paper Planes

Give each guest a paper airplane to toss as you walk down the aisle. In addition, you can take it a step further and allow guests to write a personalised note on it before the ceremony. This way, you will really be blessed with their well wishes. 


10. Miniature Bells

Allow guests to ring in the newlyweds with individual, miniature bells. Above all, this elegant alternative is a waste free option and can even be kept as a wedding favour.  


We hope our top 10 sustainable confetti alternatives was helpful in planning your own wedding.



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