The 10 best baby shower games ever to play that your guests will be sure to love!

A baby shower is a fun tradition where your loved ones get together to celebrate this special milestone with the mum-to-be. It is a gathering of friends and family which usually entails adorable gifts, love, well wishes, food, drinks and fun games! We have carefully put together a well thought out variety of games to create the best 10 baby shower games ever.

Here are the 10 best games to play:

1. Guess the baby food (a classic) 

How to play

  • Decant baby food into numbered bowls. 
  • Each guest must taste the food and write down what they think each one is.
  • Whoever guesses the most food correctly, wins!


2. Who knows Mum and Dad best

How to play

  • Gather a list of questions and answers from the parents-to-be before the baby shower about them and their relationship. For example, “how did they meet?”,  “who said i love you first?”
  • The mum-to-be will ask these questions while everybody writes down their answers
  • Whoever guesses the most answers correctly, wins!


3. Baby bag

How to play

  • Fill up a baby bag with a variety of baby items, like a onesie, a bottle, a dummy, a bib, a rattle, a pair of socks, etc. 
  • Going in turns, everybody has one minute to feel around in the bag and write down what they think they feel.
  • Whoever guesses the most items correctly, wins!


4. Guess the size of the bump

How to play

  • Each person gets to cut a piece of string to help guess the circumference of the mum-to-be’s baby bump size.
  • Once they have their string, they measure it with the tape measure and write down what they think it is. 
  • Once everyone has had a go, we measure the mother’s bump and whoever guesses the closest, wins!

5. Guess the price

How to play

  • Have a range of standard baby items placed down the table with the price attached to it, make sure it is hidden.
  • One by one, each guest will get the opportunity to pick an item and guess how much it costs.
  • After they have guessed they can pick up the item and see if they were correct or not!


6. Guess the Baby

How to play

  • Have each guest bring a picture of themselves when they were a baby.
  • Number each photo and ask guests to write down who they think each picture is.
  • Whoever gets the most names correct, wins!


7. Things we love about the mum-to-be

How to play

  • Have a pen and piece of paper placed at each table setting.
  • Guests must write one thing they love about the mum-to-be. 
  • Place them in a jar for the mum-to-be to take home.


8. Things we heard growing up 

How to play 

  • Have a pen and paper ready for each guest and a bowl to collect the slips.
  • Guests must write a saying or parent advice that they associate with their own parents.
  • Mix the slips up and let your friends guess who wrote each saying and if they would say it to their own child.


9. Baby Shower Bingo

How to play 

  • Print out individual bingo sheets consisting of baby items in different combinations.
  • As the mom-to-be opens her gifts the guests must tick off the items.
  • The first one to complete a row or column wins! 


10. Baby time capsule

How to play 

  • This game is to show the baby-to-be what life was like the year she was born 
  • Each guest must bring something that represents the current times, such as a newspaper clipping, or a gadget that is popular. It can even be a personal recorded video stored on a USB drive. 
  • Everyone should explain why they chose that gift and then place their items in a box to be presented to the mom-to-be



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